Question: What is "The Checklists"?
Answer: Simply put, an online application to help you keep track of your collection. Gone are the days where you had to bring a notepad with you with all your wanted list. Worked fine when you were heading to a show, but sometimes you stumble on some collectibles out of nowhere.

Question: Is it free?
Answer: The checklists are accessible for free, but to be able to keep track of what you have a paid subscription is required.

Question: I would like to subscribe but I do not see a button to do so.
Answer: You need to register first, once you're logged in, you will find the subscription button on the first page under the about section.

Question: I found your business card at a store that I go to and the owner told me to use the QR code to register, why is that?
Answer: As a small business, we understand that we need to help each others to succeed, the QR code contains the merchant identification number, if you decide to get a paid subscription to keep track of your collection(s) the merchant will receive a monthly commission as long as you keep the subscription in good standing.

Question: How do I register using the QR code, how does this work?
Answer: With a iPhone use the camera to scan the QR code, the QR reader integrates with the camera on an iPhone, no need to download an apps, you will get a message with the address of thechecklists.ca, open it, in the menu, click on the login - registration button, choose the register tab, fill the required information, click Register, that's it, the merchant id is saved in our database with your name, when you will subscribe to a paid account, you favorite store will get a commission for every month you keep your subscription. Support your local dealer.

The process is the same on an Android phone, but you may have to download a QR reader app first.

Question: If I cancel my subscription for a few months, am I to lose all my collection information that I saved on your app?
Answer: At the Thechecklists we understand that collecting comes in waves, we will keep your information in our database awaiting your return.

Question: You do not have a checklist for what I collect, can I request it to be added?
Answer: Yes of course, that being said, although we have thousands of checklists not yet in the database, we may not have the one your looking for, in that eventuality we may ask you to provide the checklist of what you have to get us started.

Question: I find it difficult to type the address of the website on my smart phone, can you help?
Answer: Yes, you can create a shortcut on your home screen, this will make it behave pretty much like an app.